Maja Ristovska

Maja Ristovska is born on May 18th, 1979. She finished Master of business administration. Ristovska has been involved in several reforms undertaken in Macedonian social protection system while working for the Ministry of labor and social policy (from 2002-2010). Currently, she works as a social protection researcher interested in social protection policies, poverty and inequality and education systems and is a member of the Laboratory for socio-economic research, University American College Skopje and member of the NGO Center for inclusive policies.

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Title Country Themes
Wage ‘scarring’ when youth unemployment is extremely high: Evidence from Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Education and training , Labor markets
Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Labor markets


Mrs. Maja Ristovska
Research associate
University American College Skopje
Laboratory for socio economic research

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Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

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