Marjan Petreski

Marjan Petreski is an Associate professor at the University American College Skopje. He is one of the founders of Finance Think - The Economic Research & Policy Institute, Skopje - an independent and prominent economic think tank. Marjan holds a PhD from Staffordshire University, UK, as well a post-doc from Hitotshubashi University, Tokyo, Japan. Marjan research interests cross over issues in monetary policy, labor markets and international trade, coupled with vast econometric experience, including methods for impact evaluation. Recently, together with colleagues, he established Finance Impaq, a platform for the conduct of rigorous impact evaluations in the fields of living standards, employment, inclusion, equality, education and health. Marjan is a prominent economist, an opinion maker in the public discourse, a blogger and a columnist. Marjan publishes widely, with more than 35 articles in international journals, including 22 papers in journals at the JCR-Thompson Reuters and 26 at Scopus. He is regularly present at international conferences. Marjan has been heralded a Young Scientist of the Year 2009 by the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He also won the Olga Radzyner Award 2010 by Oesterreichische National Bank (The Central Bank of Austria), the CEFTA-LSE Award 2016 for best paper on trade and led the team winning the Japanese Award for Outstanding Research on Development 2013 offered by the Global Development Network and the Government of Japan. Between 2012 and 2015, he served Career Intergation Fellow of CERGE-EI in Prague. Since 2018, he served a PEP Research Fellow.

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Title Country Themes
Wage ‘scarring’ when youth unemployment is extremely high: Evidence from Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Education and training , Labor markets
Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Labor markets


Dr Marjan Petreski
Associate professor and Vice-Rector for Research / Founder and Strategic Adviser
University American College Skopje / Finance Think - Economic Research & Policy Institute

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Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

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