Asiya Maskaeva

For the past 15 years I have held the posts from Lecturer to Associate professor in various Universities in Russia and Tanzania, where my research has focused primarily on global economic development trends among different countries with emphases on economic welfare. My research work is characterised by the combination of empirical models, econometric methods, and the use of insights from behavioral economics, health economics, and market analyses. I have a solid experience working on a wide range of economic issues, and I have considerable abilities particularly in dealing with: (i) wide range of economic, social and financial data/statistics collection; (ii) global economic trends, cross-country and cross-sector analysis by using quantitative and qualitative research methods; (iii) synthesizing and analysing complex information (such as SPSS) and presenting in a clear and concise manner (analytical reports, tables, figures, charts, graphs, diagrams, presentation slides and etc.); economic data clearance, estimation and projection. I have led and worked on a number of research projects for various foundations and public organisations on evaluation of international market of medicinal products by using xenogeneic cells, monitoring of drug situation, and estimation of corruption level, and development of investment profile. I have published and presented numerous research papers on a wide variety of topics. I am co-author of a series of textbooks and monographs.

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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Education and training, Fiscal policy, Labour markets and employment, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
The impact of fiscal reforms on poverty and income distribution in Tanzania: Macro-micro simulation modelling Tanzania, United Republic of Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy


Dr Asiya Maskaeva
Senior Lecturer
School of Business Studies and Economics, Department of Economics and Statistics
University of Dodoma

Contact information:

Box 1926, Dodoma
Dodoma (Dodoma)
Tanzania, United Republic of
T: +255684849531

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