Frank Chansa

Dr. Frank Chansa is a Senior Researcher in the Research Division at the Bank of Zambia. He is currently working on a project to investigate whether a wage subsidy can help to improve women’s formal employment in Zambia. Dr. Chansa holds a PhD in Economics and a Masters in Economics both from University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. His research interests cover a broad range of issues including trade, industrialization, migration, economic development and growth. Dr. Chansa also lectures at the University of Zambia where he is heading a project on youth employment and migration in Eastern and Southern Africa. Previously, he worked as a Principal Economist in the Economic Management Department of the Ministry of Finance and as a Stockbroker at Stockbrokers Zambia Ltd.


Title Country Themes
Can a Wage Subsidy be used to Improve Women’s Formal Employment in Zambia? Zambia Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment


Dr Frank Chansa
University of Zambia

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