Helene Maisonnave

PhD in Economics, specialized in Development Economics and Computable General Equilibrium Models. She has worked with the PEP network since 2007. Since her PhD, Helene has developed several CGE mostly on African countries (notably South Africa as she used to live and work there), dealing with trade reforms, education and labor market issues, millennium development goals. Helene was the MPIA Research Director between September 2012 and January 2018. For more information, please visit my website: Helene MAISONNAVE (google.com)

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Fields of specialization

Education and training, Labour markets and employment, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
Analyzing the macro-economic impacts of COVID-19 in Senegal through the gender lens Senegal Financial inclusion
Impact genre des politiques publiques d’adaptation au changement climatique sur la sécurité alimentaire au Cameroun Cameroon Gender & women’s empowerment , Agriculture and food security , Climate change
Impact des politiques publiques pro-genres dans les secteurs agricoles sur l'emploi des femmes dans un contexte de dépendance économique aux ressources naturelles : Cas de la RDC Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment , Agriculture and food security
Assessment of the welfare, employment and gender impacts of policy options for renewable energy financing in Nigeria Nigeria Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment
Réformes agricoles, emploi et réduction de la pauvreté: une analyse en EGC dynamique Niger Poverty and Inequality , Labour markets and employment , Agriculture and food security
The impact of fiscal reforms on poverty and income distribution in Tanzania: Macro-micro simulation modelling Tanzania, United Republic of Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy
Institutionalisation project for Mongolia Mongolia Poverty and Inequality , Financial inclusion
Cambodia Macroeconomic Impacts of Public Consumption on Education – A Computable General Equilibrium Approach Cambodia Education and training , Labour markets and employment
Développement extractif et politiques de dépenses publiques au Niger : une approche en EGC dynamique Niger Fiscal policy
Expansion du secteur minier et le développement économique au Burkina Faso : une analyse en EGC dynam Burkina Faso Poverty and Inequality
Impact of Increased Public Education Spending on Growth and Poverty in Uganda Uganda Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy , Youth and children
Impact of mining and oil boom on employment and economic development in Niger Niger Labour markets and employment
Resource Boom, Growth and Poverty in Laos Lao People's Democratic Republic Poverty and Inequality
Alternative Policy Strategy to ADLI for Ethiopia: A Dynamic CGE Framework Analysis Ethiopia Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy
Impacts of Infrastructure Investment in South Africa: A Dynamic CGE Analysis South Africa Fiscal policy
Poverty impacts of agricultural policy adjustments in an opening economy: the case of Colombia Colombia Poverty and Inequality , Globalization and trade , Agriculture and food security


Professor Helene Maisonnave
Université du Havre

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