Marcelo Bérgolo

Marcelo Bérgolo is an Assistant Professor of Economics at the Instituto de Economia (IECON), Department of Economics, Universidad de La República, Uruguay. His research focuses on public economics, labor economics and development economics. He worked between 2008 and 2012 as researcher at Centre for Distributive, Labor and Social Studies (CEDLAS). Marcelo holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of La Plata.

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Title Country Themes
‘Work-study’ and Educational Mismatch among Youths: Evidence from Zambia Zambia Labor markets
Access to child care and mothers’ employment quality: lessons from Chile Chile Gender , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets , Children
Understanding youth entrepreneurship in Benin: the role of microcredit uptake and entrepreneur capacity building Benin Labor markets
Civil conflict and labour market outcomes in Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Gender , Education and training , Labor markets , Children
Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare and Provide Inclusive Opportunities? The Case of Urban Expansion in Ethiopia Ethiopia Gender , Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets
Migration, Remittances and Child Schooling in Rural Cambodia Cambodia Education and training , Labor markets , Children
Gender and Age Diversity to Forster Innovation and Productivity Growth Brazil Gender , Labor markets
Do out-migration and remittances induce shifts to non-farm entrepreneurship among the left-behind? Evidence from Nepal Nepal Gender , Labor markets
Informal employment and labour market policies. The case of domestic workers in Uruguay. Uruguay Gender
Labor Force Participation for Educated Females and Gender Wage Gap in Palestine Palestinian Territory, Occupied Gender , Poverty and inequality , Labor markets
Wage ‘scarring’ when youth unemployment is extremely high: Evidence from Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Education and training , Labor markets
Land Tenure Policy and Women’s Off-farm Employment in Rural China China Gender , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets
The impact of a rural microcredit and financial inclusion schemes targeting women on household vulnerability and economic empowerment: evidence from South West Nigeria Nigeria Gender , Poverty and inequality , Education and training , Impacts of government programs
Are there ethnic inequality traps in education? Evidence for Brazil and Chile. Latin America - subregion Poverty and inequality , Labor markets


Dr Marcelo Bérgolo
Associate Professor
Instituto de Economía, Department of Economics
Universidad de La República

Contact information:

Gonzalo Ramirez 1926
Montevideo (Montevideo)
T: +598 24131007 - 2406
F: +598 24089586

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