Juan Jose Salcedo Cruz

Juan José Salcedo is an Ecuadorian research assistant that got an early start in the economic field back in 2008 when he was a freshman at ESPOL, the college where he pursued his first degree in economics. He received his MSc in Economics from LSE in 2016. He started working for the university`s center for economic research, CIEC. There he participated in a study of minimum profit margins for the Ecuadorian manufacturing industry. He was awarded in 2011 a scholarship from the Botín Foundation, headquartered in Santander, Spain. He has continued the development of his research career, mainly in microeconomics with the CEAP, the center for economic research of the graduate school of management ESPAE. In the CEAP he worked on the data mining for numerous papers on trade growth, poverty analysis with non-parametric techniques, labor market movements, etc. He has been work as research assistant in projects for the Inter american Development Bank and the Ecuadorian government among others.

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Title Country Themes
Minimum wage policies: wage, employment, and distributional impacts in Ecuador Ecuador Gender , Poverty and inequality , Labor markets


Mr. Juan Jose Salcedo Cruz
Centro de Estudios Asia Pacifico, CEAP

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