Véronique Robichaud

Véronique Robichaud completed a Bachelor Degree (1992) and a Master Degree in economics (1994) at Université Laval. Her graduate studies along with her ongoing research activities at the CIRPÉE (Centre interuniversitaire sur le risque, les politiques économiques et l'emploi) have contributed to the development of strong analytical capacities.

Over the years, she has been involved in the development of analytical tools, such as computable general equilibrium models, for the CIRPÉE, Finance Canada, the Department of Finance of Québec and other research centers. Given her strong academic background and her communication skills, she has been involved in many training sessions and acted as a lecturer at the HEC Montreal.

Véronique Robichaud participated in numerous research projects related to regional and international agreements, aboriginal issues, international development and environment.

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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
Policy alternatives to enhance equity for children in Jordan: context of consumption subsidies reform Jordan Poverty and Inequality , Youth and children
Agricultural trade liberalization, productivity growth and poverty alleviation: A dynamic general equilibrium analysis Tunisia Poverty and Inequality , Globalization and trade , Agriculture and food security
TRADE POLICY AND POVERTY IN BENIN: A GENERALEQUILIBRIUM ANALYSIS Canada Poverty and Inequality , Globalization and trade
The Impact of Trade Liberalization on Household Welfare and Poverty in India India Poverty and Inequality , Globalization and trade
Tax reform, income distribution and poverty in Brazil: An applied general equilibrium analysis Brazil Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy
Modelling Gender Dimensions of the Impact of Economic Reforms in Pakistan Pakistan Gender & women’s empowerment , Poverty and Inequality , Impacts of government programs


Mme Véronique Robichaud
Université Laval

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