Christian Arnault Emini

Dr. Christian Arnault Emini is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Economic Analysis and Policies of the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Yaounde 2 in Cameroon. He held his Doctorate from the same University in 1998. His PhD thesis aimed at assessing the welfare impacts of replacing several cascade-type taxes by an imperfect Value Added Tax (VAT), following the tax reform implemented in Cameroon and other country-members of the Central Africa Customs and Economic Union in 1994. Mr Emini's thesis contributed to the empirical understanding of the tradeoffs between VAT and other indirect taxes, and constitutes an illustration of a genuine way to model an imperfect VAT (usually implemented in developing countries) into a Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) framework, on the contrary of a pure VAT case. Furthermore, Mr. Emini has contributed in building the earlier versions of the CGE model of the Quebec Ministry of Finance, in Canada, within a work team led by Professor Bernard Decaluwé of the Laval University in Quebec (Canada). He is a resource person and/or a member of several international research networks, including the


Title Country Themes
L’impact des réformes commerciales sur la croissance économique, l’emploi et la pauvreté dans les pays de la CEDEAO: le cas du Sénégal Senegal Poverty and inequality , Labor markets , Globalization and trade
L’analyse socio-economique du secteur et de l'emploi informel au Cameroun Cameroon Labor markets
Incidences de la crise économique mondiale de 2008/09 et des options de politiques de réponse sur la Cameroon Children
Alternative Policy Strategy to ADLI for Ethiopia: A Dynamic CGE Framework Analysis Ethiopia Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs
The Poverty Impacts of the Doha Round in Cameroon: The Role of Tax Policy Cameroon
Décomposition des effets des politiques économiques et des chocs exogènes sur l'évolution de la pauvreté et de la distribution au Cameroun : Une analyse en équilibre général micro-simulé avec double-calibration Cameroon Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs


Dr. Christian Arnault Emini
Senior Lecturer
Université de Yaoundé II

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