Louis-Marie Asselin

Louis-Marie Asselin had his first academic training in mathematics and later in economics. He got his Ph. D. degree in development economics. He began his professional career as professor at Laval University in 1967, in the area of mathematics and statistics, especially in household survey design. Now partly retired, he has 38 years experience in developing countries, mainly in Africa and Asia, also in Caraïbes and Central America. Until end 2008, researcher at Laval University, department of economics. Mainly involved now in multidimensional poverty measurement and analysis, frequently in the context of consultancy relative to PRSP monitoring and evaluation systems and also in the context of technical support to young researchers in the same area. Still active in the area of survey sampling methodology and regularly advising national statistical departments on the sample design of national households surveys. Main intellectual interests: ethics and moral philosophy, history and philosophy of mathematics. Grandfather, horticulturist.


Title Country Themes
Pauvreté et inégalité des conditions de vie au Cameroun: Une approche micro-multidimensionnelle Cameroon Poverty and Inequality , Impacts of government programs
Analyse Multidimensionnelle de la Pauvreté en Tunisie entre 1988 et 2001 par une Approche Non-Monétaire Tunisia Poverty and Inequality
Analyse comparative de l'état de pauvreté et d'inégalité au Togo : une approche multidimensionnelle basée sur l'indice de richesse Togo Poverty and Inequality
Diversité Ethno-culturelle et différentiel de pauvreté multidimensionnelle au Cameroun. Cameroon Poverty and Inequality


Professor Louis-marie Asselin
Institut de Mathématique Gauss

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