Abdelkrim Araar

Dr. Araar Abdelkrim was born in Souk-Ahras (Algeria) in 1966. After his classical studies, he obtained a bachelor's degree in Economics (finance) at the University of Algiers in 1990. Classified the first at the national level, he obtained a governmental scholarship for training in economics abroad. He obtained a Master degree in Economics at the University of Sherbrooke with a mention of excellence in 1993. Thereafter, he obtained a PhD in Economics at Laval University in 1998. He is a PEP resource  person and a  consultant at the World Bank. Abdelkrim has long been the principal PMMA resource person, involved in designing and conducting training activities, developing training material, conducting fundamental research, providing distance support to PMMA researchers, mentoring a large number of the PEP projects, developing the DAD software. He is the co-author, with Jean-Yves Duclos, of the book “Poverty and Equity: Measurement, Policy and Estimation with DAD”. In addition, he is a co-author, with Paolo Verme, of the book  "The Quest for Subsidy Reforms in the Middle East and North Africa Region".  Many of his papers have been published  in international journals. He is also the author of a series of the Stata packages, as the DASP Stata package “Distributive Analysis Stata Package” and the SUBSIM "SUBsidy SIMulation" Stata package.

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Title Country Themes
‘Work-study’, Internship and Educational Mismatch among Youths: Evidence from Zambia Zambia Labor markets
Access to child care and mothers’ employment quality: lessons from Chile Chile Gender , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets , Children
Understanding youth entrepreneurship in Benin: the role of microcredit uptake and entrepreneur capacity building Benin Labor markets
Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare and Provide Inclusive Opportunities? The Case of Urban Expansion in Ethiopia Ethiopia Gender , Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets
Migration, Remittances and Child Schooling in Rural Cambodia Cambodia Education and training , Labor markets , Children
Gender and Age Diversity to Forster Innovation and Productivity Growth Brazil Gender , Labor markets
Do out-migration and remittances induce shifts to non-farm entrepreneurship among the left-behind? Evidence from Nepal Nepal Gender , Labor markets
Off-farm participation, agricultural production and farmers’ welfare in Tanzania and Uganda Kenya Poverty and inequality
Financial Inclusion and Gender Disparity in Risk Appetite for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Performance: Evidence from Ethiopia Ethiopia Gender , Education and training , Impacts of government programs
Rural nonfarm engagement and agriculture commercialization in Ghana: complements or competitors? Ghana Labor markets
Poverty, Inequality and Oil Exploitation in Chad Chad Poverty and inequality
The Dynamics of Microcredit Borrowings in Cambodia Cambodia Poverty and inequality
Gold exploitation and socioeconomic outcomes: the Case of Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Gender , Poverty and inequality , Education and training , Impacts of government programs , Children
Spillovers from off farm self-employment opportunities in rural Niger Niger Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets
Migration, Remittances, Labor Market and Human Capital in Senegal Senegal Labor markets
Female Entrepreneurship, Access to Credit, and Firms' Performance in Senegal Senegal Gender
Mobilité interne et entrepreneuriat des jeunes en République démocratique du Congo Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Labor markets
Education language choice and youth entrepreneurship in Chad Chad Education and training , Labor markets
Poverty, Inequality and Stochastic Dominance, Theory and Practice : Illustration with Burkina Faso Surveys Burkina Faso
Is the Value Added Tax Reform in India Poverty-Improving? An Analysis of Data from Two Major States India Poverty and inequality , Fiscal policy
Impact des échelles d'équivalence sur la répartition régionale de la pauvreté au Cameroun: une approche dynamique Cameroon Poverty and inequality , Children
Transient and Chronic Rural Household Poverty: Evidence from Kenya Kenya Poverty and inequality
Measurement and Sources of Income Inequality Among Rural and Urban Households in Nigeria Nigeria Poverty and inequality


Mr. Abdelkrim Araar
Professional of research
Université Laval
PEP Network, CIRP

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