Guy Lacroix

Guy Lacroix has a PhD in economics from Laval University, completed postdoctoral studies at Princeton University, and is full professor in the Department of Economics at Laval University. He specializes in labour economics, applied econometrics and the economics of health. His research work looks at the relationships between income security policies and individuals' behaviour on the labour market, and at measuring the effectiveness of job re-entry programs for disadvantaged individuals.

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Title Country Themes
Mismatch Unemployment: the case of Macedonia -with special reference to young adults Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Education and training , Labor markets
Voucher system for social protection of the socially vulnerable remittance receivers in Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Gender , Poverty and inequality , Labor markets
Risk Tolerance, Gender, and Entrepreneurship: The case of the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) Palestinian Territory, Occupied Gender , Education and training , Fiscal policy , Labor markets
Youth self-employment in households receiving remittances in Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Labor markets
Is there discrimination against women entrepreneurs in formal credit markets in Nigeria? Nigeria Gender , Labor markets
Social Protection to the Informal Sector: The Role of Minimum Wage and Income Transfer Policies Argentina Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets


Professor Guy Lacroix
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