Hoang Xuan Trung

Education 2012 PhD in Economics- Deakin University, Australia 2006 Master of Arts in Economics, Vietnam

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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Health and nutrition, Labour markets and employment, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
Rural renewable energy MSMEs operating to modernize agriculture in and South-East Asia: Barriers, opportunities, and implications for inclusive low-carbon transition in Vietnam Viet Nam Gender & women’s empowerment , Entrepreneurship , Climate change
Simulations of policy responses and interventions to promote inclusive adaptation to and recovery from the COVID-19 crisis in Vietnam Viet Nam Health and nutrition
The Effect of input-trade liberalization on Nonfarm and Farm Labor Participation in Rural Vietnam Viet Nam Labour markets and employment , Globalization and trade , Agriculture and food security


Mr. Hoang Xuan Trung
Research Fellow
Thuongmai University

Contact information:

Viet Nam

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