Jane Kabubo-Mariara

Jane Kabubo-Mariara is the Executive Director (ED) of the Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) and is responsible for institutional development, fundraising and long-term sustainability, and delivery of all of PEP’s commitments. Since taking on the role of ED in 2016, Jane has been instrumental in strengthening and diversifying both PEP’s engagement with donors and partner organisations worldwide, as well as PEP’s service offering. Under her leadership, PEP has developed and delivered a range of programs that foster best practices for evidence-informed policymaking—including strengthening the capacities of local researchers in cutting-edge, gender-aware policy analysis and policy engagement— resulting in increased research uptake. 


Prior to working at PEP, Jane held several senior positions at the University of Nairobi, with the most recent one as the Director of the School Economics, a role she held for six years.  At the University, she was charged with academic and administrative leadership, as well as management of the School of Economics, alongside the usual professorial responsibilities.


Overall, Jane has over 30 years’ experience in teaching, research, management, and resource mobilization. Among many notable achievements in her academic career, she is credited with making remarkable contributions in teaching, mentoring and developing the capacity of young scholars to undertake research. Some of Jane’s specialty research interests include the impact of climate change on agriculture and adaptation, environmental and natural resource economics, multidimensional poverty, child poverty and youth employment, and labor markets and income distribution. 

In addition to her wealth of executive, academic and research experience, Jane has also held numerous advisory roles, which have in turn made her a well-known figure in local, regional and international academic circles, as well as in government. She is currently the President of the African Society of Ecological Economists (ASEE), a member of Central Bank of Kenya’s Monetary Policy Committee, the German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) Advisory Board, and the Club of Rome’s Earth4All 21st Century Transformational Economics Commission.

Jane is also an integral member of the international scientific community and a thought-leader in development economics, having authored multiple journal papers, books, monographs, and policy briefs, as well as several peer-reviewed working papers and mimeos.

Jane is a Professor of Economics at the University of Nairobi, from which she holds a PhD, an MA, and a BA in Economics.


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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Health and nutrition, Education and training, Labour markets and employment, Youth and children


Title Country Themes
The Dynamics and Role of Gender in High-Value Avocado Farming in Kenya Kenya Gender & women’s empowerment , Agriculture and food security
Productive Employment in Segmented Markets of fresh produce in Kenya Kenya Labour markets and employment , Globalization and trade , Agriculture and food security
Multidimensional Poverty Comparisons in Kenya: Analysis of Maternal and Child Well-being Kenya Gender & women’s empowerment , Poverty and Inequality , Health and nutrition , Youth and children
Child Survival, Poverty and Policy Options from DHS Surveys in Kenya: 1993-2003 Kenya Poverty and Inequality , Health and nutrition , Youth and children


Professor Jane Kabubo-mariara
Executive Director
Partnership for Economic Policy

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