Yselle Flora Kuete Malah

Yselle Malah Kuete is a Researcher and Lecturer in development economics. With a Ph.D. in the field, she specializes in human capital development, structural change, and labor market inequalities. She has collaborated with international organizations like the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. Currently a lecturer at the University of Yaoundé 2 in Cameroon, Yselle's research focuses on improving the quality of education in Sub-Saharan African countries. She has undertaken projects analyzing factors affecting elementary school performance and studying regional and gender inequalities in education quality.


Fields of specialization

Education and training, Labour markets and employment, Agriculture and food security


Title Country Themes
Impact genre des politiques publiques d’adaptation au changement climatique sur la sécurité alimentaire au Cameroun Cameroon Gender & women’s empowerment , Agriculture and food security , Climate change


Dr Yselle Flora Kuete Malah
Researcher and Lecturer
University of Yaounde 2

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