Mabokang Makopela-Bello

I have been working with the statistics office since 1995. I started working as a Statistical Clerk and my main duty was data collection and minor analysis that involved tabulation of data. I furthered my studies in 1997 and got a Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Statistics. That gave me a chance to work more with the data as an analyst. In 2008, I pursued Master's Degree in Statistics and that afforded me an opportunity to work as a part time lecturer at the National University of Lesotho while heading the Field Organisation of the Lesotho Bureau of Statistics. I have worked on various surveys as a supervisor and coordinator.   

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Title Country Themes
The role of non-farming activities on rural farming households in Lesotho: a gender perspective Lesotho Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment


Ms Mabokang Makopela-bello
Chief Statitician
Bureau of Statistics

Contact information:

P.O. Box 12793
T: 0026658088056

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