Ezra Kure

Ezra Kure was born on March 28 1970. He is currently an Assistant Director in the Research Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria, where he has worked for over 12 years. Prior to that, Dr Kure taught economics at Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria Nigeria for 12 and a half years. His main research interests are monetary economics, development economics, open macroeconomics and conflict, where he has published articles. He is a Fulbrighter and a onetime special assistant to  the Deputy Governor, Economic Policy Directorate of the Central Bank of Nigeria. 

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Fields of specialization

Gender & women’s empowerment, Poverty and inequality , Fiscal policy, Globalization and trade, Financial inclusion, Agriculture and food security


Title Country Themes
Public Investment on National Food Security Programs in Nigeria: A CGE Analysis of the Macroeconomic, Welfare and Gender Impact on Small Farm Holders in Nigeria. Nigeria Gender & women’s empowerment , Fiscal policy , Agriculture and food security


Dr Ezra Kure
Assistant Director
Central Bank of Nigeria
Research Department

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