Leopoldine AKA


Graduated in Monitoring Evaluation, I am Assistant in Monitoring-Evaluation. I would like to specialize in the evaluation of the impact because it is an area that really fascinates me.

Fields of specialization

Education and training, Impacts of government programs, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Étude d’impact de l’insertion socio-économique des jeunes vulnérables en Côte d’Ivoire Cote D'Ivoire Poverty and Inequality , Youth and children


Miss Leopoldine Aka
Assistante en Suivi – Evaluation / Gestion de base de données
Bureau de Coordination des programmes Emplois
Ministère de la promotion de le Jeunesse et de l’Emploi des Jeunes

Contact information:

Cote D'Ivoire

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