Brais Alvarez Pereira

My research is on Development, Experimental Economics, Organizational Economics and Networks. I am currently exploring the relationship between group size and the effect of skills diversity on workers' productivity, with a particular focus on the role of discrimination. I am the founder and director of the Bissau Economics Lab, in collaboration with the Economics department of the Universidade Lusófona da Guiné-Bissau.

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Fields of specialization

Gender & women’s empowerment, Poverty and inequality


Title Country Themes
Evaluating the impact of a support hotline for cashew producers in Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau Gender & women’s empowerment , Education and training , Agriculture and food security
Business Training and Awareness Campaign for the M-CADJU Service Guinea-Bissau Poverty and Inequality , Education and training , Globalization and trade


Dr Brais Alvarez Pereira
Bissau Economics Lab

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