Mayra Alejandra Correa Jaramillo

Mayra Alejandra Correa Jaramillo

Economist at the University of Antioquia (2015). Her undergraduate monograph research focused on analyzing the impact of climate change on the economy.

Since 2015, she participates in "Semillero de Investigación de Teorías del Comercio" of Universidad Nacional-Medellín, its purpose is to study the Social Accounting Matrix (SAM) and with it understand the situation of the different agents and institutional sectors of the country in a determined period. Which serves as a tool for the analysis and design of policies aimed at promoting the economic development and welfare of countries. To then deepen the economic theory.

Her research interests include Economic Development, International Trade, Political Economy, Economic History and Applied Economics (e.g. environmental, labor).

Currently working in the private sector.

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Title Country Themes
Post-conflict and rural income in Colombia Colombia Poverty and Inequality , Agriculture and food security


Miss Mayra Alejandra Correa Jaramillo

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