Pragati Koirala

I am currently working as a Research Associate at South Asia Watch on Trade, Economic and Environment (SAWTEE) where I joined as an Intern. At SAWTEE I have been involved in varied areas of social science research, such as Post Disaster Reconstruction, research on least developed countries' position, concerns, and issues for the WTO Eleventh Ministerial Conference. As a young person at the start of her career I have been exposed to various stages of project from inception to closing. Event management has been another area where I work extensively since I started working at SAWTEE.

Prior to SAWTEE I interned at the World Health Organization in Geneva for 4 months. There I had the opportunity to work in two different units, namely Career Development and Learning and Country Cooperation Unit. My work there was also varied and had the opportunity to work with and interact with a diverse group of people. The opportunities to work in 2 different units simultaneously meant that I had to manage my time accordingly which was one of the most valuable lessons I learnt from this experience.  

During my entire professional career although very short, I have been exposed to with varied assignments and challenges, as well as have been given excellent supervision and mentorship by my supervisors and colleagues. I have grown both personally and professionally as a result of my experiences.


Title Country Themes
Do out-migration and remittances induce shifts to non-farm entrepreneurship among the left-behind? Evidence from Nepal Nepal Labour markets and employment , Globalization and trade , Entrepreneurship


Ms Pragati Koirala
Research Officer
South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment

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