Hilary Chilala Hazele

Hilary Chilala Hazele is a Manager for Economics and Policy research and analysis at the Federation of Employers in Zmbia. He is currently leading private sector policy engagement with government on skills development. Hilary Chilala Hazele holds a Master's in Economic Policy Managemrnt from the University of Zambia. His interest policy engagements has span transport policy, inclusive development in Zambia, skills development and Labour policy where he has been involved for last five years. He has over the years become a seasoned policy advocacy professional who has in the last two years developed two advocacy documents for the Zambian private sector. He has developed a great sense of interest in labour economics and skill for qualitative research for policy advocacy. He has great network in policy influence and vsst experience on engaging policy makers

Before joining the labuor sector, Mr. Hazele gaiined experience working in the transport regulation sector and before that the financila sector.

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Fields of specialization

Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
‘Work-study’ and Educational Mismatch among Youths: Evidence from Zambia Zambia Education and training , Labour markets and employment , Youth and children


Mr. Hilary Chilala Hazele
Manager- Economics and Policy
Zambia Federation of Employers
Zambia Federation of Employers

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