Meron Endale Hailu

Meron Endale Hailu is research consultant working for DFID- Oxford Policy Management Consultancy and International Development Enterprises NGO, Ethiopia.  She is currently working as quantitative analyst to evaluate  programme design,  implementation and  impact of Productive Safety Net Project, the second- biggest social protection project in Africa with coverage of eight million people.

Meron holds a Masters Degree in Economics of Development, with specialization on Econometrics Analysis of Development Policies, from Erasmus University Rotterdam in the Netherland.  Her key research interest includes poverty, food security, environmental policy, trade, economic development and growth.

She has more than six years of work experience in IFPRI, Oxfam Novib, Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency and Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.




Fields of specialization

Impacts of government programs


Title Country Themes
Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare and Provide Inclusive Opportunities? The Case of Urban Expansion in Ethiopia Ethiopia Poverty and Inequality


Miss Meron Endale Hailu
Quantitative Analyst
Oxford Policy Managment, sub contractor to DFID

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