Lamin B Jammeh

My names are Lamin B. Jammeh a Gambian and holder of Master of Arts degree in economics with specialization in econometrics and international economics. I am currently working as a Lecturer at University of the Gambia. I have acquired during my studies sufficient knowledge and understanding on current economic issues, and related literatures in economics and developed skills in statistical/econometrics software such as E-views, SPSS, Stata, Microfits and Gretle. Also having career previously in teaching, management training and banking has honed my analytical, research, IT, organizational and communication skills.I am a well-motivated and an enthusiastic person with excellent interpersonal communication skills. I possessed strong sense of independent judgment. I can learn in team with wide range of people and I have the ability to learn/work, unsupervised. I am highly organized and can adopt to any learning/work environment and I would like to use my skills to contribute positively to anylearning/workenvironment.   

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Title Country Themes
Information, Price, and Barriers to Adoption and Usage of Mobile Money: Evidence from a Field Experiment in The Gambia Gambia Poverty and Inequality


Mr. Lamin B Jammeh
Lecturer II
University of the Gambia

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