KY Yaya

15-year experience working on issues related to agriculture, technology diffusion, innovation, education, trade policy, regional integration, and economic growth. Good grasp of social accounting matrix construction (SAM). Currently working on the updating of seven SAM of West African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Senegal Ghana, and Nigeria). Conversant with the modeling of the link between economic growth, knowledge diffusion, and innovation. Good understanding of agriculture policy in developing countries context and ability to assess its ex-ante impact using computable general equilibrium models (CGE), partial equilibrium models or positive mathematical programming (PMP) models or ex-post impact using impact evaluation methods. Good grasp of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) in developing country context. Good grasp of sectoral analysis in the aim to elaborate a public investment plan. Conversant with the World Bank’s Maquette for MDG Simulations (MAMS) model. Accustomed to using econometric models. Good grasp of single and multi-country computable general equilibrium modeling; intertemporal general equilibrium, computable general equilibrium with the imperfect competition; Trade policy; Econometrics; Education; social polity with target vulnerable persons, Poverty, and Incomes distribution.

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Fields of specialization

Education and training, Impacts of government programs, Fiscal policy, Labour markets and employment, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
Empirical review of Youth Employment Policies in Burkina Burkina Faso Labour markets and employment
Credit constraints, agricultural productivity and household welfare in Burkina Faso: a gender perspective Burkina Faso Gender & women’s empowerment , Agriculture and food security


Mr. Ky Yaya
Centre panafricain de recherche pour le développement économique et social (CARDES)
Centre panafricain de recherche pour le développement économique et social (CARDES)

Contact information:

Burkina Faso

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