Hamidou Jawara

I obtained my PhD degree in Quantative Economics from the University of Kiel in Germany in 2019. I am currently a lecturer in economics at the University of The Gambia where I am teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in course in economics such as introduction to econometrics, and advanced microeconomics. I also work at the Directorate of Research and Consultancy at the University of The Gambia. I have a strong passion for research in development economics and applied microeconomics. Consequently, most of my research work focuses on  financial inclusion, food security and nutrition, digital finance and revenue mobilization, policy evaluation,  in developing countries as well as on personality traits and the role of social networks in addressing market failures in developing countries.

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Fields of specialization

Education and training, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Learning Through Play and Early Childhood Education: Evidence from The Gambia Gambia Education and training
Information, Price, and Barriers to Adoption and Usage of Mobile Money: Evidence from a Field Experiment in The Gambia Gambia Poverty and Inequality


Dr Hamidou Jawara
University of The Gambia
School of Business and Public Administration

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