Charles Kabwigiri has a PhD degree in Management Sciences (University of Liège, Belgium) since September 2006. He is now a Professor and a Researcher in entrepreneurship and in performance management and control areas at the University of Burundi. He is qualified in training of trainers in entrepreneurship by International Finance Corporation (a group of the World Bank). He contributed to develop entrepreneurship in Burundi in participating actively to launch the first business incubators in Burundi since 2009 and is interested to conduct field research. He often trains and supports young entrepreneurs in cooperation, on the one hand, with burundian incubators, and, on the other hand, with the African Development Bank and the General Directorate for Youth (Ministry of Youth, culture and sport). He has been qualified by Channel Research Belgium to conduct evaluation field research and has already supervised, as team leader, a number of field researches on the impact evaluation. His recent field research has been in relation with the evaluation of the impact of microfinance on life conditions of vulnerable populations in Burundi, a study jointly sponsored by the UNICEF Burundi and the African Development Bank.


Title Country Themes
Analyse de l’impact d’un programme de protection sociale sur la pauvreté et l’emploi des femmes Burundi Gender & women’s empowerment , Poverty and Inequality , Social protection


Professor Charles Kabwigiri
Université du Burundi

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