Dislene SOSSOU

I am Dislène P. Senan SOSSOU, a researcher with a master's degree in "Mathematics, Economics, and Statistics" from the African School of Economics, and a micro master in “Applied Development Economics” at the University of Laval.

I have subsequent professional experiences that led me to undertake research activities with the Partnership for Economic Policy (an international network of economic and development researchers). In that respect, I have contributed substantially to the impact evaluation of an agricultural development program on food security and household’s income in Benin. Also I supported a preliminary literature review and secondary data analysis of the impact of micro-finance in Benin, for a World Bank prospective project. Moreover, I contributed to the literature review on impact evaluation in WAEMU; systematic review on electricity interventions; social cohesion systematic review; evidence and gap map on food system interventions. Through my academic coursework coupled with my professional experiences, I have a solid background in evidence synthesis; design and implementation research projects; data management and analysis (with STATA, SPSS, or MATLAB); and policy engagement. At this stage of my carrier, I am investing to specialize in applied econometrics and policy analysis.

Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Agriculture and food security


Title Country Themes
Impact des Modèles Innovants de Conseil Agricole et d’Entrepreneuriat des Jeunes sur la Résilience et la Sécurité Alimentaire des Ménages au Bénin : Une Approche basée sur les Essais Aléatoires Contrôlés Benin Youth and children , Agriculture and food security


Miss Dislene Sossou
Research Assistant
International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie)

Contact information:

T: 00 229 96 00 36 80

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