Brenda Liz Silupú Garcés

Master in Finance, with the ability to evaluate, value different companies and offer alternative solutions to any economic and financial problem; With recognized experience in business advice. Extensive knowledge in the area of ​​econometrics for the development of models to explain the behavior of economic and financial variables, as well as knowledge and management of the capital market for the development of investment strategies.

In recent years he has been dedicated to the research and development of projects aimed at the business sector, which is why he currently directs the Microenterprise Advisory Center of the University of Piura, a center that aims to contribute to the strengthening of the business sector. It complements its business advisory activity with university teaching, especially in financial matters. Very proactive and responsible person in the fulfillment of the objectives and results that are demanded to him.

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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Education and training, Impacts of government programs


Title Country Themes
Academic Ambassadors and the Diffusion of Digital Financial Services among the peruvian poor Peru Poverty and Inequality , Education and training


Professor Brenda Liz Silupú Garcés
University of Piura
University of Piura

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