Tereza Kocovska

I'm born on August 26th, 1990 in Bitola. Finished the School of Business Economics and Management in University American College Skopje, major Finance and Banking. Currently, I work as a full time employee as Organizational Coordinator in Finance Think Institute for economic research and policy making with responsibilities as Research Analyst and Financial Officer. Enrolled in several projects with duties involving: analysis of remittances, analysis of budget transparency and transparent policymaking, with strong focus on fiscal policymaking, analysis of gander pay gap, collection and visualization of various data. I enrolled in the Master of Science program at University American College Skopje in fall 2012 and successfully completed all the courses. My total GPA is 3.97 A. At the end of 2016, I enrolled doctoral studies in the field of Economics, in American College Skopje. My doctoral proposal was on reservation wage. As of now I have finished all the cources of the doctoral studies. my doctoral thesis writing is purposed for the following two years.

Fields of specialization

Gender & women’s empowerment, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Analysis of youth underemployment in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment


Miss Tereza Kocovska
Independent Economic Analyst
Finance Think - Economic Research and Policy Institute

Contact information:

Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of

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