Tsega Gebrekristos Mezgebo

Dr Tsega G. Mezgebo is an assistant professor at the Ethiopian Civil Service University. She is currently leading a project to examine the Housing Industry in Addis Ababa and Mekelle, Ethiopia. Dr Tsega holds a PhD in Rural development with emphasis on Development Economics from Cork University College, Ireland and a Master’s in Mathematical Economics and Econometric Methods from Tilburg University, the Netherlands. Her key research interests include urbanization, growth and inequality, poverty, and employment. Previously, she spent 12 years at Mekelle University, Ethiopia. There she delivered lectures, helped to coordinate researches undertaken in the drylands and participated in researches related to food insecurity, poverty, and rural development. Her papers have been presented in several international conferences and some of them on pipeline to be published in journals, including Journal of African Economies.

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Fields of specialization

CBMS, Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Can Urbanization Improve Household Welfare and Provide Inclusive Opportunities? The Case of Urban Expansion in Ethiopia Ethiopia Poverty and Inequality


Dr Tsega Gebrekristos Mezgebo
Assistant Professor
Ethiopian Civil Service University
Africa Institute of Governance and Development

Contact information:

Addis Ababa (Kirkos sub-city)
T: +251 91 470 8455

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