My name is Célestin SIKUBE TAKAMGNO, I am Cameroonian, currently enrolled in the 3rd year of the doctoral cycle in Economic Policy Analysis, Mathematical Economy Option. In addition, I have a diploma in Statistician-Economist Engineer. I have a good experience in macroeconomic modeling, in particular in Computable General Equilibrium Modeling (CGEM). Indeed, after having followed the theoretical course several times, notably with the Pep and the University of Laval, I was able to build or participate in the development of several CGEMs, in particular within the framework of the project on "the impact of liberalization of the prices of petroleum products on the Cameroonian economy "carried out under AERC funding and as part of my academic research. I was retained as a consultant within the framework of the Cameroon-World Bank cooperation for the development of a Dynamic computable General Equilibrium Model for the simulation of the impact of long-term public policies. I also have a long experience of more than 14 years in the development of national accounts and social accounting matrices. I also have an experience of more than 08 years in teaching at the university level (ISSEA and Catholic University of Central Africa).

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Fields of specialization

Gender & women’s empowerment


Title Country Themes
For macro-level gender-responsive policy solutions that can promote women’s economic empowerment in Cameroon Cameroon Gender & women’s empowerment
Impact genre des politiques publiques d’adaptation au changement climatique sur la sécurité alimentaire au Cameroun Cameroon Gender & women’s empowerment , Agriculture and food security , Climate change


Mr. Célestin Sikube Takamgno
PhD student
Dschang university
Faculty of Economics

Contact information:

Yaoundé (International)
T: +237 699 98 79 19

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