Olivier Beaumais

My field of research is environmental economics, computable general equilibrium modelling, and econometrics of categorical variables applied to non-market valuation. This last theme is an extension of my initial training as an econometrician (Research Master in Mathematical Economics and Econometrics, major in econometrics, Paris 1), but with a much more applied approach. This also applies to the thesis work I have been supervising for a number of years; more specifically, my recent research topics concern the perception of health risks (recreational fishing, drinking water choice), the role of altruism in environmental choices (recycling household waste), and the dynamics of the prices of tradable emission permits. More generally, my work focuses on the role of economic instruments (taxation, tradable emission permits) and social norms in implementing sustainable development paths.



Title Country Themes
CGE analysis of rural economic development through agriculture policy in South Africa: a focus on poverty, inequality and gender South Africa Gender & women’s empowerment , Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy , Agriculture and food security
IDENTIFYING KEY POLICY OPTIONS FOR GROWTH AND GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT IN GHANA Ghana Impacts of government programs , Labour markets and employment
L'impact de l'APE sur le travail décent des femmes: Quelle contribution des investissements publics? Une analyse en EGC Dynamique appliquée au cas du Sénégal Senegal Gender & women’s empowerment , Labour markets and employment
Expansion du secteur minier et le développement économique au Burkina Faso : une analyse en EGC dynam Burkina Faso Poverty and Inequality


Professeur Olivier Beaumais
Department of Economics
University of Rouen Normandy

Contact information:

94 bis rue du Renard
76000 - ROUEN
T: 0033674251406

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