Mulubrhan Amare

Mulubrhan Amare Joined Partnership for Economic Policy (PEP) as Research fellow in development and agricultural economics in March 2015. Amare holds a B.A. in economics from Mekele University, an M.A. in Development Evaluation and Management from University of Antwerp and a PhD in Economics from the Institute of Development and Agricultural Economics, the Leibniz University of Hannover in Germany. He is a development and agricultural economist with international experience in impact evaluation, poverty and quantitative data analysis in Southeast Asia (Thailand and Vietnam) and sub-Saharan African countries (Ethiopia, Tanzania and Ghana). He is particularly focused on the determinants of agricultural production and intensification, trade and market. He is also interested in the cause of migration and its implication on development, and causes of poverty and poverty traps. Before joining PEP he has worked for Leibniz University Hannover as research associate where he was a team member of Trypanosome Rational Chemotherapy (TRYRAC) project in Ethiopia. He has also managed and analyzed five years panel data from a long term research project on vulnerability to poverty of a German university consortium in Thailand and Vietnam.

Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Non-farm Employment, Agricultural Intensification and Productivity Change: Empirical Findings from Uganda Uganda Labour markets and employment , Agriculture and food security
Agricultural Productivity and Rural Household Welfare Distribution in sub-Saharan Africa: Empirical Results from Nigeria and Uganda Nigeria Agriculture and food security
Linkage between Agricultural Productivity and Household Welfare: Lessons from Nigeria Nigeria Agriculture and food security


Dr. Mulubrhan Amare
Research Fellow: PRESM project based in Nairobi
Partnership for Economic Policy(PEP)
PEP Nairobi, Kenya

Contact information:

T: +254705570728

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