Aleksandra Anic

Born on 6th of January 1988 Graduated at Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, Department for Statistics, Inforamtics and Quantitative Finance, major Quantitative Finance, Septembre 2010 International Masters in Quantitative Finance, Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade, thesis: Cointegration Analysis of Unemployment in Serbia, January 2013 Currently employed at Faculty of Economcis, University of Belgrade, teachnig assistant at the course Economics Statistics, July 2011 Researcher at FREN, 2011

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Title Country Themes
Reduction of child poverty in Serbia: balancing between improved cash-transfers and policies that pro Serbia Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets , Children


Ms. Aleksandra Anic
Teaching Assistant
Faculty of Economics in Belgrade
Foundation for the Advancement of Economics

Contact information:

Kamenicka 6
Serbia and Montenegro
T: +381638416211
F: +381113021069

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