Aleksandra Anic

Aleksandra Anić works as a teaching assistant at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade since 2011 and as a researcher at Foundation for Advancement in Economics since 2014. She was engaged as researcher in many projects dealing with labour market, inequality and social policy. She uses microeconometric techniques in her research, especially newly developed ones. Her experience consists of broad range of labour market topics, such as unemployment and inactivity trap, gender pay gap, influence of children on female activity and employment, childcare policies, poverty and tax-benefit microsimulation models. Although she focuses more on microeconometric analysis, she has good macroeconometric knowledge and she is also interested in macro labour market analysis. She is the member of editorial board in Quarterly Monitor since 2015, engaged for labour market. She obtained her PhD in 2019.

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Title Country Themes
Reduction of child poverty in Serbia: balancing between improved cash-transfers and policies that pro Serbia Poverty and inequality , Impacts of government programs , Labor markets , Children


Dr Aleksandra Anic
Teaching Assistant
Faculty of Economics in Belgrade
Foundation for the Advancement of Economics

Contact information:

Kamenicka 6
T: +381638416211
F: +381113021069

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