Andrea Rojas Hosse

Andrea Rojas Hosse is an Economist with a Master`s degree in Development Cooperation, her interests are gender, poverty and development in developing countries. When she have recently graduated, She worked making interviews and surveys for research projects about migration and agriculture, where her interest about development and gender grown because she was recollecting and systematizing data for about two years with different projects. In her professional experience she had worked like risk analyst for SME loans at the beginning of her career where she learned about the behavior of borrowers and lenders in the credit market, later Andrea had made socioeconomic evaluations of productive projects for the Autonomic Government of Cochabamba, in that job she coordinated with social organizations to adjust and evaluate those projects with that experience she gained skills interacting with social organization and public institutions. At the moment, she is a short term consultant for the World Bank Group where she makes macroeconomic analysis of the damages and losses caused by climate events in Bolivia.

Fields of specialization

Gender & women’s empowerment, Poverty and inequality


Title Country Themes
Barriers limiting access to financial services for micro and small entrepreneurs in Bolivia: A randomized lab-field experiment on institutional ethnic discriminatory practices Bolivia Entrepreneurship , Financial inclusion


Miss Andrea Rojas Hosse

Contact information:

2800 Woodley Rd NW Apt 130
T: 2028309438

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