Kevin Moran

I completed a BA and MA at the Departement of Economics at Université Laval. I obtained a PhD at the Departement of Economics at the University of Rochester in Rochester NY in 1999 specializing in macroeconomics and monetary economics. I was employed by the Bank of Canada between 1999 and 2004, working on various research projects related to the conduct of monetary policy. I have been a professor of economics at Université Laval in Québec City since 2004. I teach macroeconomics and continue to condcut research in various fields associated with macroeconomics.

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Fields of specialization

Impacts of government programs


Title Country Themes
Macroeconomic implications of female entrepreneurs facing financial frictions to access to credit: a Cameroon Gender & women’s empowerment , Financial inclusion


Professor Kevin Moran
Universite Laval

Contact information:

1025 ave. des Sciences Humaines
Quebec (Quebec)
G1V 0A6

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