Tuvshintugs Batdelger

Tuvshintugs Batdelger is a professor of Economics at the School of Economic Studies, National University of Mongolia. Recently, he successfully led several research teams of SES on policy analysis projects such as impact of financial crisis on Mongolian economy, assessment of big strategic mines impact on Mongolian economy and business environment.

Fields of specialization

CBMS, Poverty and inequality , Health and nutrition, Impacts of government programs, Fiscal policy, Labour markets and employment, Globalization and trade


Title Country Themes
A Static CGE Model of the Mongolian Economy Mongolia Poverty and Inequality , Fiscal policy , Labour markets and employment , Globalization and trade


Dr. Tuvshintugs Batdelger
National University of Mongolia
Economic Research Institute

Contact information:

suite 503, building 5, national university of mongolia
T: 11353470

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