Viktorija Atanasovska

Viktorija Atanasovska has spent eight years of her education in the UK and has been trained to become an independent researcher, mainly in Economics and other related socio-economic topics for transition economies in particular. As a PhD from Staffordshire University, she has acquainted the most rigorous standards of research and has further developed and advanced research skills and techniques. After the studies she dedicated her self to developing think tank Association of Economic Researchers and as a result of her extensive knowledge and expertise she was invited to join the Financial Stability departmen in the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. 

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Fields of specialization

Poverty and inequality , Education and training, Labour markets and employment


Title Country Themes
Mismatch Unemployment: the case of Macedonia -with special reference to young adults Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Labour markets and employment , Youth and children


Dr Viktorija Atanasovska
Senior analyst
National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia
Financial stability

Contact information:

bul. Jane Sandanski 34-2/8, Skopje
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of
T: +38976355423
T: +38976355423

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