Blagica Petreski

Blagica Petreski is a Chief Economist (CEO) of Finance Think- Economic Research and Policy Institute, Skopje. Blagica is a researcher in the economic development and financial system, advocate for better economic policies and demanding adviser to policymaking. As a researcher, she has worked on more than 15 national and regional projects. Her papers are published in international journals indexed on the Web of Science. Blagica has been awarded the Young Scientist Award in 2010 by the National Bank of Macedonia and in 2014 by the Insurance Supervisory Agency. Blagica was part of the team awarded with the second place in the world with Japanese award for for outstanding research on development by the Global Development Network and the Government of Japan

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Title Country Themes
Analysis of youth underemployment in Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Gender , Labor markets
Voucher system for social protection of the socially vulnerable remittance receivers in Macedonia Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Gender , Poverty and inequality , Labor markets


Mrs. Blagica Petreski
Chief economist
Finance Think
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