2023-CEDCA- Burkina Rural renewable energy MSMEs operating to modernize agriculture in and Africa: Barriers, opportunities, and implications for inclusive low-carbon transition in Burkina Faso


Rural households in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) working in the agriculture sector feed much of the world, bear little responsibility for climate change, and are coping with major and increasing risks from climate-related shocks. Additionally, LMICs face severe energy poverty and related health and environmental externalities, particularly affecting women who are often required to conform to strict gender and cultural norms, especially given entrenched rural poverty and vulnerability.123 These have been compounded by Covid-19 and the ongoing war in Ukraine, which have driven food, energy, and fertilizer prices to historically high levels.4 Furthermore, agriculture in LMICs is dominated by rainfed and labor-intensive production, highly traditional, and hierarchical, where men and those from favored ethnic or cultural groups typically hold the majority of the decision-making power.5


Project leader: Agnès Zabsonré

Project researchers: Pouirkèta Rita Nikiema | ROUKIETA BONKOUNGOU | Souleymane DIALLO

Scientific mentors: Jorge Davalos | Sylvain Eloi Dessy

Policy outreach mentors: Claude Sinzogan

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