RF_002 Leading the way: Fostering fair North-South research collaborations


This working paper investigates some recent experiences with North-South research collaborations. Acknowledging that seniority and geography will impact the experience, we formulated separate questions for Southern emerging researchers, Southern established researchers, Northern emerging researchers and Northern established researchers. Within this matrix our focus falls largely on the southern emerging researchers who are the most vulnerable. The paper summarises the insights from twenty-six interviews with researchers who participated in North-South research collaborations. Documenting the positive experiences and frustrations of these researchers, this paper sets the agenda for further research on this topic and highlights some of the shortcomings of existing guidelines and frameworks. We recommend more direct funding for Southern institutions, reduced intermediary roles for Northern research management organisations and a commitment to greater autonomy for Southern researchers.


Project leader: Ronelle Burger

Project researchers: Ramos Mabugu | Vaqar Ahmed

Scientific mentors: John Cockburn

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