22-Co-impact-Peru Addressing context-specific barriers to female labor force participation in decent work in Peru




Project leader: Lorena Alcazar

Project researchers: Maria Balarin | SHIRLEY HUERTA | Fernando Adrian Tavara Ramirez

Policy outreach mentors: Lucas Ronconi

Journal publication

No journal publications.

Working Papers

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Unveiling barriers to women’s access to decent work in Peru 2024-02-27 1.40MB 0 0

Policy Briefs

Title Modified Size Comments Recommendations
Tackling gender stereotypes and enhancing policies to help women access decent work in Perú 2023-11-15 1.84MB 0 0
Abordando los estereotipos de género y políticas públicas para facilitar el acceso a un trabajo decente en las mujeres en el Perú 2023-11-24 1.42MB 0 0

Final report

No final reports.


No proposals.

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