OTHER-20597 Cross-country analysis of employment in rural farm and non-farm sectors in sub-Saharan Africa : A meta-analysis approach”.


This proposal aims to contribute to the literature on rural farm and non-farm employment in sub-Sahara Africa countries by using innovative micro-data. The study will investigate common research findings of seven research articles on employment in rural farm and non-farm sector in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). This project will fill the observed gaps in the literature by building on the available of the household survey data collected across SSA. The study will bring together the scientific articles from the research projects of PAGE II-Round 3. The selected projects cover five SSA countries namely Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Lesotho, Nigeria and Senegal. The first four projects (see Table below) investigate employment in rural farm from a microeconomic and ex-post impact perspectives while the last three address this issue from a public policy and ex-ante impact perspectives. This study will rely on a metadata analysis approach to highlight findings from the selected projects. Special attentions will be given to lessons that can be drawn from these projects. All these studies use data from a nationally representative household survey that are implemented under different initiatives. These articles focus on the impact evaluation of financing schemes on the economic performance of women led enterprises (Benin), rural electrification program on women employment (Cote d’Ivoire and Nigeria), weather shocks on labour supply (Lesotho), gender-differentaited welfare (Senegral), government employment program on labor market (Senegal). The combination of nationally representative and case study data allows for greater insigths into the exent of productive employment in rural farm and non-farm sectors differences in subSaharan African agricultural and off-farm labor maket participation. The common element across the selected of papers is the reliance on quatitative approaches. The first four selected articles make use of econometrics techniques such as endogenous switching regression, inverse probability weighting regression adjustment, Heckman selection model and instrumental variable approach to control for potential selection bias in labor market participation across gender. The last three apply static and dynamic computal general equilibrium modlling to assess potential impact of labor market and employment across gender (women, youth). In addition, the selected articles explore through theoretical models and empirical validation of farm and non-farm employment. Given the focus of the selected projects, the following journals might be a good home for a special issue publication. In order of priority, we would suggest World Development, Agricultural Economics and Journal of African economies. At the end of this project, we will deliver a short paper that highlight general findings from the selected articles along with suggestions for future research. We will also produce a one page summary in a format of policy brief.


Project leader: Alphonse Singbo

Project researchers: Jourdain Lokossou

Scientific mentors: John Cockburn

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Cross-country analysis of productive employment in rural farm and non-farm sectors in sub-Saharan Africa: A meta-analysis approach 2022-02-16 1.62MB 0 0

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