OTHER-20596 Southern Researchers Marginalisation at the Global, Regional and National Economic Development Consulting Business


Marginalisation of Southern researchers can have significant implications for knowledge integration and dissemination, thereby retarding or negating these researchers’ contribution to economic development. Indeed, underrepresentation and marginalisation of Southern researchers, at any level, implies that an important perspective and experiential learning associated with research are lost. Little attention has been paid to how Southern researchers are actively involved in academic journals as authors and editorial board members (Amarante & Zurbrigg, 2020 ; Cummings & Hoebink, 2017 ; Dahdouh-Guebas et al., 2003 ), while there are a number of empirical evidences on the accessibility of internationally-published research articles to Southern researchers in the developing countries (North et al., 2020 ; Harle, 2009 ). However, when it comes to involvement in economic development consulting business at the national, regional and global levels of Southern researchers, very little is currently known. This concept note responds to this problem and proposes a study on Southern marginalization at the global, regional and national economic development consulting business .


Project leader: Ramos Mabugu

Project researchers: Margaret Chitiga | Vaqar Ahmed | Kehinde Omotosho

Scientific mentors: John Cockburn

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Marginalization of Researchers in the Global South in Global, Regional, and National Economic-Development Consulting 2022-02-14 0.96MB 0 0

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