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Using a detailed publication database of articles in top development journals, we analyze the presence of researchers located in southern countries in the period 1990-2019, as well as the relevance of southern topics in this literature. Our results indicate that almost 75% of publications in top development journals are written by researchers not based in southern regions. The marginalization of southern researchers is also shown by the composition of editorial teams of development journals. The northern researchers’ supremacy is amplified by the fact that they publish in better qualified journals and they are often more cited that their counterparts from developing countries. Despite the lower share of southern researchers, in the past 30 years there has been an important growth of the collaborative publications between NR and SR. This can be interpreted as a decline in the relative academic isolation of southern scholars and hopefully it can work as an engine to boost quality research and access to academic development.


Project leader: Veronica Amarante

Project researchers: Julieta Zurbrigg

Journal publication

Authors Co-Authors Title of paper Title of Economic Review Bibliographic references
Verónica Amarante, Ronelle Burger, Grieve Chelwa, John Cockburn, Ana Kassouf, Andrew McKay, Julieta Zurbrigg <p>Underrepresentation of developing country researchers in development research</p> Applied Economics Letters


Veronica Amarante, Julieta Zurbrigg <p>The Marginalization of Southern Researchers in Development</p> World Development Perspectives

Volume 26, 
June 2022,

Working Papers

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Research on Development Issues from the Southern World 2020-11-25 2.92MB 0 0

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