Impacts of COVID-19 Effects of socioeconomic variables on Covid-19 infections and mortalities in Brazilian municipalities


Individuals´ health status are positively related to household infrastructure, such as piped water, sewerage systems, garbage collection, as well as with education, income and the quantity and quality of health care treatment. Cities in urban areas are densely populated and polluted, causing a detrimental impact on health. Divergence in race, gender and age, result in different disease development, while the presence of comorbidities (respiratory problems, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity) increase the risk of mortality. In this study, we investigate the interrelation among those variables on covid-19 infections and deaths, using municipal data from Brazil. Brazil is a large developing country with more than 210 million people, and with a history of socioeconomic disparities. Recent data show that Brazil has the second highest covid-19 mortalities in the world in absolute terms, with more than 200 thousand deaths. Results show piped water, garbage collection, individual´s level of education, hospital beds, and low age range negatively related to covid-19 death rates. Moreover, living in urban areas and areas with high demographic density are positively associated with death rates. Although expecting strong positive correlation between poverty and covid-19 deaths, the results were not robust and in some models the coefficient of the poverty variable as well as the municipal human development index variable showed opposite signs. Understanding how socioeconomic variables affect health is important to orient public polices in combating diseases. This study contributes to this literature in analyzing factors related to covid-19 mortality and infection in Brazil.


Project leader: Ana Lucia Kassouf

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Scientific mentors: John Cockburn

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Effects of Socioeconomic Variables on COVID-19 Infections and Mortality in Brazilian Municipalities 2021-04-16 2.72MB 0 0

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