PMMA-20443 Credit constraints, agricultural productivity and household welfare in Burkina Faso: a gender perspective


The key goal of this project is to analyze how different degrees of credit constraints facing agricultural households affect their productivity and the welfare implications of differences in productivities. We aim to test in particular how more productive female managed agricultural activities contribute consumption per capita in households as compared to men, conditional on their different levels of credit constraint. Such analysis is particularly relevant both to PEP’s key priorities and for informing policymaking in Burkina Faso, the country of focus of this project. Our project, in fact, fits well in PEP’s research priorities and more specifically relevant for the strand: Entrepreneurship and Financial Inclusion, and Rural Employment. This subject is clearly of interest to Burkina Faso a low-income country where agriculture and women empowerment are some key priorities is From a methodological viewpoint, unlike the standard regression switching approach commonly applied in the literature comparing credit constrained and non-constrained agents, this project will rely on an (endogenous) two stage multinomial selection model to explain on the one hand how different households and plots characteristics determine the different levels of credit constraints (selection equation) and, on the other hand, an assessment of the impact of those constraints on productivity. Furthermore, we will be able to evaluate the extent to which these conditional variations of productivity affect household welfare. In our approach, we will both take care endogeneity and different levels of constraints. We will rely in this project on a nationally representative survey sample from the 2014 Multisectoral Continuous Survey (MICS) in Burkina-Faso. The database includes a total of 10860 households and the data were collected in four phases between January 2014 and December 2014.


Project leader: KY Yaya

Project researchers: KY HABI | YILI DIANE LARISSA | Modeste Dayé | Al-mouksit AKIM | Fatimata Clarisse Ouattara

Scientific mentors: Jorge Davalos

Policy outreach mentors: Christian Arnault Emini

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Credit constraints, agricultural productivity and household welfare in Burkina Faso: a gender perspective 2019-09-12 1.16MB 0 0

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