MPIA-20290 Post-conflict and rural income in Colombia


The consolidation of the peace process in Colombia promises, among other things, the recovery of the rural sector, through the sustainable growth of agriculture. An important agreement reached in this process is the "Integral Rural Reform" that proposes the establishment of a land fund for the redistribution of three million hectares (2.6% of the total land available) among the peasants and the creation of Reserve Zones Peasant. Likewise, a series of policies that seek economic and social recovery of the rural areas most affected by the conflict are also implemented. These policies will allow the rural population to have access to subsidies for production, low-cost credits and technical assistance for the implementation of crops; on the other hand, investments will also be made in tertiary roads, which will facilitate access to markets, and adaptation of land to improve not only the productivity infrastructure, but also achieve more efficient use of land with agricultural vocation. Therefore, the objective of this research is to evaluate the economic impact of government policies that arise in the post-conflict and that are expected to have a significant impact on small and medium rural farms located in conflict zones. Specifically, we are interested in evaluating how the use of land, the productivity of the agricultural sector and composition of the supply of skilled and unskilled labor will affect.


Project leader: Dora Elena Jiménez Giraldo

Project researchers: Mayra Alejandra Correa Jaramillo | Maria Adelaida Gaviria Rivera | Adrián Saldarriaga-Isaza

Scientific mentors: Martín Cicowiez

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