PMMA-20201 Gender and Age Diversity to Forster Innovation and Productivity Growth


Women participation in the labor market is an upward trend and high unemployment rates of young workers is a fact. Although many aspects have been investigated in the economic literature related to these issues, there are still avenues under explored. One part of the literature that has not been investigated extensively is whether worker’s diversity is an asset for innovation activities. The scant literature suggest that gender diversity may play a role on innovation, but age diversity does not present any impact. However, these evidences are based mainly on cross-section datasets and consider these worker’s characteristics as isolated facts, in other words, not related to worker’s educational level. By using a firm-level panel structure of the Brazilian innovation survey jointly with other sources, our research proposal aims to contribute to this literature by investigating how worker’s diversity considering their educational level may play an important role for innovation, productivity growth and eventually economic development.


Project leader: Filipe Lage de Sousa

Project researchers: Leandro Justino Pereira Veloso | Synthia Santana | Glaucia Ferreira

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